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Perfect for a bedroom or officeHigh Power - Multi Use - Remote Control convenience !KILL MOLD with our High Powered Ozone Machines!Purify Air in an ENTIRE home or business!Professional Grade - Extremely High Ozone Output!Highest Possible Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!
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Do you want mountain clean air like this in your own home?
Dust particle
How to get relief from allergies
High Ozone Shock Treatments Kill Dust Mites!

Compare our prices, outputs, and FEATURES to all other brands.

We use Gold Plated U.S. Patented Ozone Generator
Elements in ALL our ozone generators,
NOT the thin MICA ozone plates O3 sellers use.
Click Here to learn why "upgradable" ozone generators rated at 2600 mg/hr, 3400 mg/hr, & 3600 mg/hr are POORLY DESIGNED!

CLICK HERE to read about our new
5 year warranty!

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators are being used with great success for air purification,
mold killing, and odor removal in homes, offices, motel rooms, basements, cars, boats, as well as for fire, flood and crime scene clean up restorations.  Buy our U.S. Patented Air-Zone®Ozone Generators FACTORY DIRECT from us and save!

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators are the most effective tools for purifying air, and the removal of mold, smoke, pet, and many other stubborn odors.

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators safely KILL MOLD including Toxic Black Mold.

Air-Zone®is more than an ozone generator dealer like most other sellers, we are ozone generator manufacturers.
We sell our own brand of ozone machines factory direct only.

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Air-Zone® Ozone Machines are thousands of times more powerful than simple ionizers which cannot possibly kill substantial amounts of mold and bacteria. 

OZONE is the most powerful sterilant in the world commercially available to kill bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores.

Ozone is 3000 times more powerful than chlorine.

Click Here to play our Mold Killing Movie!

OZONE is the most powerful sterilant in the world commercially available to kill bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores. 

Air-Zone® ozone generators eliminate odors
by attacking them at the source.

Air-ZoneŽ Ozone Generator
High powered ozone kills mold and
odors all throughout the entire home.

Much more than mere ionizers, Air-Zone® ozone generators actually DESTROY bacteria and mold.

Ozone helps destroy, not just cover up odors

Household Odors
Indoor Air Pollution
Fire & Flood Restorations
Mold & Mildew
Hotel / Motel Rooms
New Carpet Fumes
Smoking Lounges
Pet Odors
Boat Bilge Odors
Chemical Fumes
Garbage Areas
Auto Restorations

AirZone Ozone Generators are by far the best air purifiers, and odor removers available today. 
Air filters, ionizers, or other air cleaning devices cannot match the air purification ability of a true ozone generator.  By destroying the source of the odor, rather than filtering the air, ozone naturally makes the air smell fresher.

Powerful enough to tackle the strongest odors, OZONE is natures method of disinfection. 

Air-Zone Ozone Generators are powerful enough to do High Ozone Shock Treatments of unoccupied areas, and are capable of disinfecting areas of mold, and bacteria.

Air-Zone Ozone Generators make O3 Pure Ozone!  What is Ozone? Air-Zone Ozone Generators make O3 Pure Ozone!

Air-Zone ozone generators help eliminate odors
by attacking them at the source.

As shown in the diagram above, simple Oxygen molecules known as O2, can be turned into Ozone, O3, by the introduction of the high voltage electrical charge given by an Air-Zone Ozone Generator.

Ozone is considered an unstable gas, meaning it cannot exist for more than a very short time.

Very soon after it is formed, nature forces the third oxygen atom of Ozone to break free, and oxidize bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

Bacteria, viruses, and mold are all destroyed by this process.

All that remains after reactions with ozone are the harmless compounds of pure oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen (H2). 

The introduction of low levels of ozone produces cleaner air to breathe.

Ozone destroys SMOG!
Ozone is NOT Smog!
Ozone is NOT smog!
What is smog?

Ozone is sometimes very mistakenly referred to as SMOG. In fact Ozone destroys SMOG which is made up of hydrocarbons and breaks them apart on a molecular level.  In fact without ozone we could never get rid of smog!
Ozone is nothing more than 100% pure Oxygen in the O3 form.  It has a very short half life, and quickly reverts back to plain O2 Oxygen.

Some ionizers claim to turn pollution into oxygen.  REAL pollution such as hydrocarbons can't be turned into oxygen. Dust or pollen can't be turned into oxygen. Ozone can be turned into oxygen, but ozone is NOT pollution.

Click Here to read more.

It is very important to understand that there are
two very different uses for ozone.

First, Ozone can be used at very low levels for air purification to make the air smell fresh and sweet.  Low levels of ozone can also help kill airborne bacteria and purify the air.

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators have very special "burst timers" to limit the ozone so that ozone can be used safely in occupied areas.  The only question about ozone safety has been pertaining to the overuse in occupied areas.  That's why we have specifically designed low level burst timers, and remote controls into our units, so that the user has total control over the ozone concentration.  Control over the ozone level is THE most important factor when using ozone for air purification.

Second, Ozone can be used at very high levels, in unoccupied rooms, to help sanitize them of mold, bacteria , and serious odors. 
High Ozone Shock Treatments blasted into unoccupied rooms help kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other germs.  If an area has serious odors,
mold, or is suspected at having a bacterial contamination, it is strongly advised to pre treat an unoccupied room with a High Ozone Shock Treatment.  The idea is to kill the bacteria, not just cover it up.
Most of our units feature built in countdown timers specifically designed for that function. 
High Ozone Shock Treatments even kill bacteria and mold on surfaces, not just in the air.

That is something NO simple ionizer or air filter can do.  Unless a unit has the ability to blast a higher than air purification concentration of ozone when needed, it will NEVER be able to sterilize a room of mold and bacteria. That's not conjecture, rather it's just simple chemistry.
We can PROVE that ozone kills mold and bacteria with overwhelming evidence.
Please Click Here to view these studies.

While some state that low level ozone air purification devices are "safer" than a true ozone generator, we suggest that they are essentially useless
That's because they don't have the ability to raise the ozone concentration to the high enough that is required to kill all the bacteria in an entire room.

It is SAFER to kill the mold and bacteria in a room,
rather than risk getting ill from them.

Ionizers electronically glue 90% of the bacteria in the air to all the surfaces in the room.
In our opinion the use of an ionizer that claims to "remove" dust actually makes an area 
MORE UNSAFE because the bacteria level will constantly be increasing.  Even those ionizers that claim to collect the dust on rods or grids are only grabbing about 5% of the dust in the air.  The rest is "electronically glued" to your walls, floor, and ceiling. 
It does NOT all just "drop to the floor" as some may claim. 

Ionizers make the air smell fresh and clean, and the air may even have less dust in it, but it's foolish to ever use an ionizerbecause in the long run the dust and bacteria count will INCREASE in your home. It's a short term solution that creates a greater long term problem.

Ozone naturally cleanses
Ozone naturally cleanses
Ozone naturally cleanses

That's not to say all ionization is bad. Low levels are fine, and our units create low levels of ionization.  But those machines specifically designed with high powered ionizers in them are far too strong.  This is further explained on our web page: Why Ionization Doesn't Work.

Another important point: We don't claim our ozone air generators remove dust or particulate matter from the air.  They're not designed for that, they're designed to purify the air, meaning to kill the bacteria and mold in it. 

If you want to remove dust the only real way is to filter the air with a true HEPA filter. 

CLICK HERE to see the fine line of HEPA filters we sell.  They are the perfect partners for our ozone generators.  One machine will not take care of bacteria, mold, dust, and odors no matter what anyone tries to tell (sell) you.



The XT-400, and XT-800 set the standard for the industry with;

Patented Ozone Elements / Zero Nitrogen Oxides!
Built in Timers!

CLICK HERE to compare our prices and features to 
all other brands of air purifiers.

Variable timed ozone output for home air purifying.
High powered ozone to remove stubborn odors.
Cleans the air in a household room up to 50 feet X 50 feet.

 Free Remote Control for added convenience!

Kills MOLD in homes. Remove cigarette smoke!

XT-400 / XT-800
Great for a bedroom or office
With prices at less than half of many of our competitors Air-Zone is your best value for
air cleaning & professional odor disinfection available today!

Remember the ONLY way to compare ozone generators or air purifiers
is by the output in milligrams per hour.
Square footage ratings by other manufacturers are meaningless!
It is the total ozone output in milligrams per hour that counts!
That's if it's REAL ozone of course!

The Air-Zone XT-400  packs a punch of 400 mg/hr. The Air-Zone XT-400 has a fully variable ozone control and a patented "burst timer" to set the ozone level as needed, which makes it perfect for ANY sized room.  It is powerful enough to clean the air in a large living room, bedroom, or office, 40 feet by 40 feet or more in a matter of minutes!

Control of the ozone output
is the single most important parameter for any ozone generator.

With burst times as short as 2 seconds per minute, and the included wireless remote control, 
the XT-400 perfect for even the smallest of rooms. 
With it's Half Power Switch the XT-800 is even more versatile.

The Air-Zone XT-400 and XT-800 are also powerful enough to perform high ozone shock treatments of unoccupied areas that disinfect household areas of mold, mildew, & viruses!

Most ozone generators sold with these ozone outputs sell for well over $600. 

The Air-Zone® XT-400  is more than powerful enough for any household room.
The Air-Zone® XT-800 has double the ozone output for more effective disinfection.
It also features a Half Power Switch that lowers it's ozone output for smaller applications.

You don't even have to keep these units running all the time to be effective.
Once they have cleaned the air in a room, the room will stay fresh for hours. 

Ozone works immediately, and within a few minutes of operation you will realize the room has totally fresh and clean smell.  Ozone can be used in any room of the house that has a bad odor, naturally without chemicals or ineffective cover up deodorizers.

If you are having problems sleeping from the air quality in your bedroom you can shock the room during the day with a High Ozone Shock Treatment.  When you return home the room will have a natural fresh clean smell!

We guarantee you will sleep better in an ozone disinfected room.  Our customers claim to sleep better, and awake without congestion in an ozone sanitized room.

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators can even be pointed into a return air duct, of your heating / air conditioning system for "whole house" air purification!

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators are powerful, yet portable enough to be brought into any room in your home or business that needs treatment.

Air-Zone® Ozone Generators can help eliminate the bacterial causes of 
Sick Building Syndrome.

The first time you turn on one of our ozone generators, and smell the fresh clean mountain air coming out it, you'll be totally amazed!

Your room will smell like the fresh clean air after a spring thunderstorm!

If you have allergies or are affected by the indoor pollutants of cigarette smoke or mold, ozone is the only way to purify the air and the surrounding areas.

Ozone helps kill the germs that aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Do you have mold odors in your basement?
Do you want to sanitize rooms of bacteria and mold?

Only a true ozone generator can accomplish these tasks for you.

The uses for ozone are endless, anywhere there is an odor, ozone can attack it!

AIR FILTERS trap particles of dust, but do nothing for controlling odors, removing cigarette smoke, or for killing MOLD and bacteria.

IONIZERS only emit static electricity that cause dust particles to adhere to walls and floors and every other surface in your home.
Unfortunately ions cannot remove cigarette smoke, or kill mold spores and bacteria, because ions are no more than static electricity!

With an ionizer, walls and floors get coated with a film of grimy dirt. 
Eventually there is MORE bacteria in your home than ever before!

Only OZONE destroys cigarette smoke and KILLS bacteria, & mold.

By the action of rupturing the molecular cell walls of the offending organism, OZONE destroys the source of the odor.

To learn why IONIZERS, including the ones heavily advertised on TV, Radio, and by Multi Level Marketers, 
are not recommended, Click Here.

Air-Zone® is not a multi level marketing company.

A common technique used by multi level marketers is to let the user "borrow" a combination ozone generator / ionizer to see how well it works in their home.
They will even tell the customer the machine will even work through the walls and clean the air in an entire 3000 square foot home.

At first the user is impressed by the fresh clean smell coming out of the machine and how nice it makes their home smell.  This is sometimes enough to get the prospective customer to buy the unit.

The problem is that the customer may not really understand that while a machine with an ionizer will give the home a nice fresh smell, the user will eventually pay a high price for this smell. 

That's because ionizers turn walls black with soot, and actually increase bacteria and mold counts wherever they are used. 

They fool the user into thinking the air is cleaner, when the bacteria count has actually increased in the room. 

Please read our web site and understand why these devices should never be used. 
Click Here to learn about the many problems with these gimmick items.

Click Here to compare us to other brands of air purifiers including the ones sold by multi level marketers who may let you try out their machines.

The most common  question we get asked is 
"What size ozone generator do I need?"
Customers often tell us...

"Brand X states that their air purifier will cover my entire home of 3000 square feet.
They tell me it will remove ALL the odors, kill ALL the bacteria, kill ALL the mold, and remove ALL the dust from my home."

"I was even told their unit will magically work through walls"!!!

An intelligent person will quickly realize that achieving all those goals is not scientifically possible.

How is a machine rated for 3000 square feet supposed to work through the walls?
No tabletop air purifier can purify air in the entire home.
Radio waves can pass through walls,
but they cannot possibly kill bacteria, or remove any dust.

Many types of air purifiers and ionizers are being advertised on the radio, and on television infomercials.  These advertisements claim their air purifiers will handle any situation that is presented to them.  They are also sold by multi level marketers who may even let you try these machines in your own home.  These "trial" machines may even seem to be doing the job at first because the air smells so fresh and clean coming from them.  But the truth is these machines contain ionizers which are not removing ANY dust from your home, and will quickly make your air purification problem worse.

These products are being sold by the thousands to the unknowing consumer who eventually realize the unit they bought does not do all that was advertised.

So when a customer asks us "What size unit do I need"? 
We must then ask them the question:

"What are you trying to accomplish?"

Make the air smell fresh?
Remove light odors?
Remove strong odors?
Kill a mold odor?
Kill ALL the mold?
Remove Pet odors?
Remove the smoke from one smoker?
Remove the smoke from 100 smokers?
Remove leftover smoke odors?
 In Small Rooms?
In Large rooms?
In Entire Homes?

Do you need a unit for light air purification?

Do you need to remove serious odors or kill mold with high ozone shock treatments?

Do you have dust and need to filter it out of the air with a true HEPA Filter?

Your purification needs are specific, so your air purifier / ozone generator should be also.

For answers on what size unit you need we advise potential customers to 
view our sizing page, and call us  at 757-538-3711 for a proper sizing recommendation.
Air-Zone® can find the right ozone solutions for you.

Click Here to view our ozone generator sizing page.

Control smoke filled environments!!
Click here to learn how to remove smoke and it's odors.
Nothing drives away customers faster than a smoke filled room!
Our ozone generators destroy smoke better than any other method.
Help your customers breathe better in your bar, nightclub, or restaurant.

Your patrons will stay longer, spend more, 
and return to your establishment if the air is clean!
CLICK HERE to learn how to help remove cigarette smoke from your home or business.

Remove the Dog Smell in your home!Air-Zone Ozone Generators Help Remove Pet Urine Odors!
Control nasty pet odors around the house!
Air-Zone Ozone Generators Help Remove Pet Urine Odors!
The use of High Ozone Shock Treatments helps remove pet odors.
Cat and Dog urine odors can be removed with Air-Zone Ozone Generators

For the most effective odor control, nothing cleans your environment like an
Air-Zone Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators 
helps rid cars of
smoke, mold, and other odors.

An Air-Zone Ozone Generator is a MUST for any type of automobile dealership, car detailer, or repair shop.

Click Here for more information

Kill Mold and Remove Stubborn Odors with our Air-Zone High Powered Ozone Machines

All Air-Zone®ozone generators feature 
United States Patented Ozone Elements

Old style ozone "plates" may create large amounts of 
Nitrogen Oxides which are offensive, irritating, and dangerous.

Air-Zone's patented ozone elements are in a permanently molded housing, that require NO adjustment whatsoever. 
They also don't produce dangerous Nitrogen Oxides.

Our elements use 24 carat gold plating on our elements internal components to help prevent corrosion. 
The use of high temperature, shatter resistant tempered glass is also incorporated in our innovative U.S. Patented ozone elements.

Old style ozone "plates" consist of flimsy easily corroded steel screens and delicate thin pieces of glass or mica which must ALWAYS be in perfect alignment.

We do not use MICA ozone plates in our ozone generators.

MICA is the cheapest and worst material to use in an ozone plate. 
MICA easily breaks, flakes apart, burns, and shorts out the generator. 
Stay far away from any ozone generator using a MICA ozone plate.

Click Here to learn why our US patented ozone elements are far superior than "old style" mica ozone plates.

If not cleaned and aligned constantly, old style ozone "plates" will produce less ozone, and possibly even spark out dangerous high voltage electricity.

Air-Zone's® patented ozone elements solve all these problems.

Old style ozone "plates", first designed in the 1800's,  must be removed, scrubbed clean, dried, and be meticulously reassembled, or they will not work correctly. Even with all that work, their life span is notoriously short.

Air-Zone's® low cost, patented ozone elements can be quickly cleaned with the special included element cleaning tool we include with every ozone generator.  They can be replaced in minutes with a screwdriver.

Old style mica ozone "plates" consist of 4 separate parts. Each of the 40 pieces in A 10,000 mg/hr ozone generator must be meticulously installed and aligned for the ozone machine to work properly.

Our corona discharge elements work much better than UV Ultraviolet bulbs.

Ozone Elements

U.S. Patented Nitrogen Oxide Free Ozone Elements!

Air-Zone Ozone Generators make O3 Pure Ozone!



Why use outdated 
100+ year old ozone plate
technology when 
uses a patented,
no adjustment necessary
ozone element?!!

High Ozone Shock Treatments can even kill Dust Mites!
High Ozone Shock Treatments Kill Dust Mites!
In today's times when everyone is concerned with many types of
infectious bacteria, it is a good idea to sterilize rooms with
High Ozone Shock Treatments.

Killing germs, bacteria, and viruses with ozone may be one of the best ways to protect your family 
from the complex array of diseases we face today.

OZONE can kill any bacteria, mold, or virus known to man.
Air-Zone® Ozone Generators Kill Black Mold.

If you smell mold there are live mold spores floating in the air.

Breathing in mold spores leads to respiratory distress and many other health complications.

This deadly fungi makes people ill, destroys homes, and devalues property.

Click Here to play our Mold Killing Movie!


By the use of unoccupied room
High Ozone Shock Treatments

Kill Mold

Air-Zone Ozone Generators Kill Mold, Odors, and Bacteria

READ about how OZONE helps destroy MOLD
It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.
Don't let you house get
covered in mold like this!
MOLD can cause permanent lung damage or even KILL you!!!

Mold can form all over your home.

Think you may have mold?
Professional Mold Test Kits
are the only way to know for sure.
Professional Mold Test Kits determine the presence of mold.
Click Here
to read
 more about 
Mold Test Kits

Ultraviolet Inspection Lamps discover the location of mold.
Inspection Lamps
discover the
location of mold.
Click Here to read more

There is no reason to live with Black Mold!

Ozone Kills
Mold and bacteria can be safely killed by blasting out unoccupied rooms with high levels of ozone.

Click Here to play our Mold Killing Movie!

If you can't see the movie click here to view in another format.

Click Here to play our Mold Killing Movie!
Mold exists everywhere.
Outdoor mold creeps toward your house.
Mold finds its way in through windows and doors.
Mold grows on inside walls.
Mold begins to infect the entire home.
 Mold eventually grows on your belongings.
 An AirZone® Ozone Generator can produce high levels of ozone in unoccupied areas.
High powered ozone kills mold and
odors all through the entire room.
Each room of the house can be blasted with an
Ozone Treatment to sterilize them of mold.
All images copyrighted by AirZone® Inc.
Our Air-Zone® XT-6000 ozone generator can be placed in a basement, crawlspace, or any other room that has mold in it.

Easy to perform High Ozone Shock Treatments done on a scheduled basis can help rid your home of deadly mold.

High levels of ozone, blasted into unoccupied areas, are very effective in killing all types of mold.

Why pay professionals for repeated treatments when you can do it yourself?

It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold. Click Here for scientific proof.

Our ozone generators can blast and kill mold

Click Here to learn how to kill mold inside walls.

Air-Zone® XT-14000
Professional High Powered Ozone Generator
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements
Produces Zero Nitrogen Oxides
21st Century High Tech Design
Features astounding ozone output of
14000 mg/hr!
Our Ozone outputs are rated in HIGH HUMIDITY environments.

Extra Thick Rust & Oxidation Proof 
Stainless Steel Case & Chassis

to learn more about the amazing XT-14000!

Amazing Power, Professional Performance, Unbelievable Price!
Air-Zone® XT-28000
Professional High Powered Ozone Generator
U. S. Patented Ozone Elements
Produces Zero Nitrogen Oxides
21st Century High Tech Design
Features astounding ozone output of
28000 mg/hr!
Our Ozone outputs are rated in HIGH HUMIDITY environments.

Extra Thick Rust & Oxidation Proof 
Stainless Steel Case & Chassis

to learn more about the amazing XT-28000!

Extremely High Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!  Zero Nitrogen Oxides!

Click Here to read what our customers have to say about our ozone machines:

"I don't know how we ever lived without it!"
"A truly professional machine"
"Solidly constructed"
"Built like a rock...a beautiful machine"
"Twice the power - half the price!"
"Easy to use - mega ozone power!"
"Does the job, and then some!"
"Your machine really works! "
"I didn't expect such big results from such a little machine!"
"Thank you Air-Zone for making such a great product!"
"The people at Air-Zone were very helpful to us."
 "Great product - does everything it claims to." 
"Your product is well designed, easy to understand and use,
and, most importantly, does what it is advertised to do."
Click Here to read more testimonials about our machines.

Whole House In Duct Ozone Air Purifier

If you are looking for a WHOLE HOUSE air purifier realize that there is
NO tabletop unit, of ANY BRAND that can accomplish this task.

ONLY a unit that fires ozone into the air ducts, 
like the Air-Duct 2000 can evenly distribute ozone throughout the ENTIRE home.
Ozone or ions cannot pass through walls.

Purifies Air and Removes Odors
In entire Homes, Offices, Restaurants, etc.

U.S Patented Gold Plated Ozone Element
Produces Pure 03 Ozone with
Zero Nitrogen Oxides

Features a variable ozone output from
80 - 2000 mg/hr

Built in "Burst Timer" for air purification
in small or large areas.
Totally Automatic Operation!

Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Housing
to learn more about the Air-Duct 2000!

Air-Duct 2000
Whole House In Duct
Air Purifier Ozone Generator
Purify Air in an ENTIRE home or business!
Air-Zone® Ozone Water Purifiers
The Air-Zone® XT-301 is the worlds finest home ozone water purifier.  Ozone has been used for over a century to purify drinking water. 
Ninety percent of the worlds drinking water, including most bottled water, is ozone treated to kill germs and bacteria. 

Ozone easily destroys E coli and Salmonella bacteria as well as many other types of germs in drinking water.

Purifying water with the XT-301 could not be more simple.
A simple air hose leads to an aquarium type rock that bubbles the ozone through water.  Place the hose in a gallon, or larger jug of water, and in less than 15 minutes you have crystal clear, bacteria free, water.

The Air-Zone® XT-5600W and XT-1800W are Extra Heavy Duty, Continuous Flow, In Line, Ozone Water Purifiers.
They can be directly hooked up to an incoming water line for under sink, whole house, or commercial ozone water purification.
Purifies water continuously in 1/2 or 3/4 water lines.
Destroys E coli and Salmonella bacteria as well as many other
types of germs in drinking water.

CLICK HERE to read more about our Air-Zone Water Purifiers.

Ozone is the worlds best water purifier!

Ozone is the worlds best water purifier!

Air-Zone® carries the worlds best high quality true HEPA filters.
These are the best HEPA air filters made!
Perfect for a living room or a bedroom!
Austin Air Filters are affordable and far better than store bought filters
5 year main HEPA Filter Warranty - The BEST in the Business!
Out Performs ANY Store Bought Filter
For those situations when dust, pollen, mold spores,
and pet dander need to be filtered out of the air.

Austin Air HEPA Filters offer the most affordable solution available.
Ionization can't "remove" any dust from your home, but an Austin Air HEPA Filter can!

Much higher quality than store bought air filters, all these filters come with a 5 year warranty.
CLICK HERE to see all our professional True HEPA Filters.

Click Here to see our entire line of home & professional
Ozone Generators
XT-120,  XT-240 - Perfect for a bedroom or office!XT-400,  XT-800 - Great for a bedroom, living room or officeXT-2000,  XT-4000,  XT-6000 Professional Ozone GeneratorsPurify Air in an ENTIRE home or business!Extremely High Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!  Zero Nitrogen Oxides!Air-Zone XT-24000

Air-Zone® has moved!
Air-Zone® has moved our office into the brand new
Governor's Pointe Office Complex!
Please note our new address and phone number!
Air-Zone Ozone Generators is proudly located in the U.S.A.!!!
Air-Zone Inc.
1877 Governor's Pointe Drive, Suite A
Suffolk, VA  23436

Call our 1-800 TOLL FREE number

Outside the 48 Continental US States please call
Open Evenings & Saturdays!

Call to reach our staff of qualified ozone technicians.
If all of our phone lines are busy please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Main Contact:

Thinking of buying a different brand of air purifier / ozone generator?
CLICK HERE to see our ozone generator brand comparison page.

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